About The Book

This book contains original detailed diagrams on how to burn and photographs that are relevant and highlight different aspects of roadside burning. A wealth of information in the text and step by step guides to burning in different circumstances make this book a valuable assistant to your burns.

A lot of thought has been put into the content, format and how it will be used.

It has been professionally press printed on 160gsm heavy paper, A4, with a spiral binding that allows the manual to lay flat while open. The photos and graphics come out very clearly. It is designed to be used.

Included is an insert which is a blank copy of the checklist for you to use.

Also included is a four page section on stubble burning. Two pages with detailed drawings and two with detailed text and photos.

A little bit of news. The book has been mentioned and commended in Victorian State Parliament by our local MP Geoff Howard. We have made it into Hansard!

We have been getting great positive feedback from many people and brigades. One relevant comment is that planning to start a roadside program has lead to a re-engagement of members with their brigade. A double win!!

We have received a lot of enquiries about us facilitating workshops to present to Brigades and other similar organisations next year. We are exploring our options on this and would appreciate any feedback or interest. Drop us a line or give us a ring.