About the Author

Michael is Captain of Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade. Cape Clear has always carried out roadside burning as a community protection project. The brigade has been fortunate in having a history of good Captains, Lieutenants and firefighters who continued the roadside burning tradition. One of the major roads in the area is approximately 14kms long. It used to take a great deal of time and manpower to burn. In the last three years, Michael has devised, and perfected, a plan that allows both sides to be burnt simultaneously and safely, with road signage crews, in under 2 hrs. It has taken much thought and planning but the result leaves the area clean and safe and the community protected from fast running grass fires, as well as those started by passing traffic. It was this particular plan that gave birth to the idea of writing a manual so that it could be shared with other people who care about the safety of their community.

Michael is passionate about many things, including life in general. Amongst these is his Brigade

members and their welfare, and the community in which he lives.

The Brigade is justly proud of this roadside burning manual and its author. Michael hopes that you will find it interesting and useful and that it will inspire more Brigades back to burning the sides of the roads in their areas, thus increasing safety for all.