Tuesday 17 March 2020

Because of the potential corona virus risk for everybody involved, we have regretfully decided to postpone the Women's Burn Day due to take place on 28th and 29th March. We will keep you informed about when it is considered safe to reschedule this event.

Thank you to those who registered to attend and to those who offered their help. We hope to see you in the very near future. Brenda

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Women's Burn Days 2019 Movie

Brenda's Women's Burn Day 2019 facebook Page

Cape Clear Roadside Burn, Rokewood Skipton Rd - Movie

Cape Clear Fire Brigade

Visit The Cape Clear Fire Brigade Website for the story on the 2019 Women's Burn Days

A great Ballarat Courier Article on the Burn Days 2019

December/January 2017/18 Dates to be announced
The Cape Clear Fire Brigade is planning to run one or two Ladies Burn Days when the conditions are right. Currently doing the pre-planning and taking names - contact Brenda

Friday and Saturday 6 and 7 October

Michael has been invited to speak at the Living with Bushfire Community Conference 2017

Federation University, Ballarat


Pictures from the conference in the photo gallery

Wednesday 18 January Firebird 300 visits Cape Clear again.

The Emergency management helicopter Firebird 300 came to Cape Clear in November to film the roadsides we planned to burn with their turret camera. They came back yesterday to reshoot the roads we have already burnt especially the Rokewood Skipton Rd - The Big Burn

The clearly visible black line of the Rokewood Skipton Rd Big Burn disappearing into the distance. Bottom left is the starting point. Pic TK Pilot Marc Cannan

Lots of new aerial shots in the Cape Clear Fire Brigade Page News and Gallery Pages



Sunday 15 January 2017 The Big Burn. The Roadside Burn on the Rokewood Skipton Rd from Mount Misery Creek, Rokewood Junction to Rankin Rd, Mannibadar was successfully completed. Burning commenced just after 10am and finished at 5pm. About 40kms of roadsides were burnt. This was a brilliant days work by all who attended and it makes a fantastic fire break. There was a car fire caused by mechanical failure on the road during the burn just to make it more challenging - with the fire trucks nearby a speedy save was made.

For more pictures of the Big Burn visit The Cape Clear Fire Brigade Gallery pageCape Clear Fire Brigade Gallery

For some more pics of the burn
Buninyong Brigade facebook page

The Ballarat Courier Story

A great story on the Ballarat Courier website
Cape Clear Burn Story, Pics and drone footage

Thanks also to Falcon Aerial Photography and Video for the amazing drone footage

15 January 2017 Cape Clear and other local brigades are planning a major burn of over 25kms of roadsides. As part of of briefing and training we have gotten hands on - showing its not all work - but some play as well.

November We have just had a visit from Craig Lapsley, the Emergency Management Commissioner in Firebird 300. Craig came to Cape Clear to present Chief Officer Unit Citations for Courage to four members of our brigade - Cape Clear Fire Brigade (full details and lots of pics on While in the Cape Clear Area the helicopter flew over some of our roadside burn areas.

Cape Clear - The fire station and lighthouse are in the centre of picture. pic TK

Firebird 300 landing at the Cape Clear Recreation Reserve pic TK

There have been some great newspaper articles. Among them the local paper "The Miner" and great article and photo in "The Herald and Weekly Times"

Photo shoot for HWT article pics TK


We have been getting lots of positive comments from purchasers. A selection below:

"Should be more preventative burning everywhere."

"Have seen the flyers. You have done a great job. I have also noticed a fair bit of interest around about it."

"Congratulations, Michael, on achieving your goal in writing and producing such an instructive book."

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"How the hell did you happen to write a book? You couldn't put two words together when you were at school, let alone know what a paragraph was!"

"From what I've ready I agree with every word."

Lots of commonsense. Should be in all the schools.