Why A Book

The intention of this Manual is to re-engage Brigades in roadside burning safely and efficiently.

The knowledge and experience here have come from many years? preventative burning by the author as well as those Brigades and Members of Brigades who have contributed.

It is not a scientific manual but a down to earth guide for people with a passion for community safety and getting their hands dirty.

Roadside burning is the best training for firemanship, it is real training, hands on.

How do we control a fire on a bad day without the knowledge of how fire works.

Roadside burning gives you the
knowledge and respect for all facets of fire control. You have good firemen around you, make them great firemen.

We can all learn from roadside burning.

Roadside burning is not a new art.

It is a declining art which needs a rebirth into our Brigades.
After a roadside burn your area and community looks clean and safe and, once it rains, it greens up quickly and looks good all year round, giving off civic pride to all that pass through the area.

Less fires in your area means more family time for all and less cost to families, communities and Brigades.

Michael Rowe AFSM

A couple of Pics of Michael taking during the HWT shoot